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Reward Points - Juicy Fog Vape Store

When you buy products from our website, you'll get reward points added to your customer account.

One reward point has a value of £0.01 and can be used to purchase items on your next visit or left on your account to build up for future visits.

Reward points are non-transferable, have no redeemable cash value and can only be spent on our website. Reward points will be added to your account once you've completed your purchase.


To take advantage of our reward scheme, you'll need to set up a customer account before making a purchase.

If you haven't already, you can register by clicking here and completing the online form.

Purchases made before you created your account aren't eligible for reward points.


Account holders earn points every time they make a purchase.

The number of points a product will earn can be found on the product page.

If you add multiple products to your cart, the total number of points you'll earn can be seen on the cart review page.

Once you're logged in, the cart page will show the total number of points you have available to spend.