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About Us - Our Story, Beliefs and Mission

Well, where do we start? At the beginning I guess!

Our mission 

To provide the very best, premium E Liquids and vaping hardware available backed by unrivaled customer service and genuine value for money, to every customer, every time.

Our Beliefs

It's simple, our fundamental values and believes are to offer...

A - Premium Quality Products

We endeavor to supply only the very best eliquids and vape hardware. We wouldn't dream of supplying juices or vape mods that we wouldn't use ourselves.

Of course, where E Liquids are concerned, a lot of it is down to personal taste, some vapers like myself enjoy a fruity inhale with a nice but not too strong menthol on the exhale, others enjoy the dessert flavour profile with such delights as the iconic Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady, the closest you will get to actually eating a lemon tart but without the calories! Anyway, I digress.

The point is there is an obvious, potential health implication with anything ingested by the human body. To this end, we ensure that all products we source are from reputable merchants and that all our E Liquids are made from only highest quality pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients.

B - Premium Quality Service

We've all been there, the grumpy shop assistant who can't even be bothered to look at you, let alone smile. The poor excuses for a late delivery, if it even arrives at all! "Sorry Mr Jones, we think the guard dog has eaten your package, we'll get another one out to you as soon as we have time" OK, perhaps not everyone has experienced such bad service but you catch my drift.

We understand that great customer service is everything, literally everything. We want all our customers, old and new, to have the best experience possible when shopping at the Juicy Fog Vape Store. We strive to go the extra mile every time.

Just want to talk to us for advice? Fine! contact us by landline, email, live chat on the website or even Whatsapp. We're here to help.

Want to ask us about stocking a new E Liquid or Mod? No problem! we're here to help and serve YOU!

In a nutshell, nothing is too much trouble. If something goes wrong on the odd occasion, we will be honest with you and do everything in our power to rectify the situation, satisfactorily for YOU! 

You never know, you might even get a free bag of sweets in your next delivery the Juicy Fog Squad ;)

C - Value for Money

Just because we sell premium products doesn't mean we are the most expensive. Obviously, you get what you pay for. If you a looking for the cheapest Eliquids available then its fair to say you have come to the wrong place, however, if you are looking for premium e liquid brands at the best prices online then look no further.

With our loyal reward points scheme, you can start saving straight away. We offer reward points in lots of different ways including but not limited to account creation, purchases, friend referrals, social likes and shares... We even give you reward points on your birthday!

On the other hand, if you sign up to one of our fully flexible subscription plans, you will benefit from huge discounts, free delivery, other freebies and exclusive deals plus the re-assuring knowledge you will never run on of your favourite E Liquids again!