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Aspire Cleito EXO Tank

Aspire Cleito EXO Tank



This is not just a slightly tweaked Cleito, this has airflow technology never seen before in the vaping industry. The Airflow starts in the slits a...

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We stock a range of vape tanks and atomisers so, whatever your preference, we're sure to have something to suit you.

The Vape tank is the part of your vape that holds all of your delicious e liquid. It usually sits on top of your mod and, as well as the juice, this is where your coil is located. The TPD regulations, introduced in May 2017, limit the maximum capacity of vape tanks to 2ml of liquid.

Different Types of Vape Tank

Depending on the type of coil installed in it, your vape tank will be defined as either a Sub-Ohm or a Plus-Ohm tank.

Sub-Ohm, also known as direct-to-lung, tanks heat your juice to a higher temperature and produce a large quantity of flavour rich vapour. If you vape a juice that contains nicotine, we'd recommend limiting the concentration to 6mg to ensure best results in a Sub-Ohm vape tank.

Plus-Ohm, or mouth-to-lung, tanks will suit either new Vapers or stealthy, ninja-like individuals who prefer not to advertise their vaping with plumes of fog. These tanks consume less power than their Sub-Ohm counterparts and are ideal for users who like to fill their vape tank with higher nicotine juices.

Vape Tanks for Days

Many Vapers will keep two, three or even more tanks on the go at once! While that might sound like a pure indulgence, it does mean that you can quickly and easily change flavours and nicotine concentrations without the risk of mixing your juices. Preserving the purity of your favourite flavours will be a priority for the more discerning Vapers amongst you and adding an extra vape tank, or two, to your arsenal will undoubtedly help to keep your juice in prime condition.

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