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The Very Best Vape Hardware at Juicy Fog Vape Store UK

Voopoo Vinci Q - Moss Green

Voopoo Vinci Q - Moss Green

Juicy Fog Vape Store


The new Voopoo Vinci Q pod kit is a super-lightweight and portable vape device that is simple enough for any vaper to enjoy this compact device’s s...

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Vape hardware is a term that covers a wide range of items which make up an electronic cigarette or "vape". The main bits of vape hardware, that make up an electronic cigarette, are the mouthpiece, the tank, the battery and the heating element/atomiser. Regulated mods also have a microchip that monitors and controls how much power to feed from the battery to the atomiser.  These chips are an important safety feature that protect both the Vaper and the vape hardware.

The atomiser is arguably one of the most important parts of vape hardware as this is where your juice is turned in to those yummy vapour clouds.  It has a wicking material, often made of cotton or sometimes ceramic material. That's what draws your juice from the tank into the heating element. The next bit of vape hardware in the chain is the heating element, or coil, which is used to heat and vaporise your e liquid. When the mod is fired, the heating element quickly heats up to a temperature of roughly 100-250 °C. This is what atomises the e liquid into an aerosol or, as we prefer to call it, vapour.

At Juicy Fog Vape Store, we carry the very best vape hardware. Whether you just want some spare coils, a replacement glass or a whole new tank, we've got the vape hardware for you. Likewise, if you're a new Vaper searching for your first vape or a seasoned pro wanting to upgrade your rig, we also carry all in one kits that will get you vaping in no time.  Whatever you're looking for, our range of the best vape hardware is bound to have something that fits the bill. 

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