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V4POUR Cola - 10 ml E liquid

V4POUR Cola - 10 ml E liquid



Cola by V4 V4POUR - Everyones most treasured childhood sweet, these cola bottles are sure to make you nostalgic! The mix is 70% VG / 30% PG.


This is a range of UK manufactured, TPD compliant, premium quality, high PG e-liquid. Perfect for those of you who are trying to make that essential lifestyle choice to switch from cigarettes to vaping.

E-liquids, regardless of their flavour, consist of two base ingredients; Vegetable Glycerin, or VG, and Propylene Glycol, or PG. VG is a sweet vegetable oil and, when vaporised, it's excellent at creating clouds that mimic the look of cigarette smoke. PG is a food additive that is really good at carrying flavour molecules within an e-liquid. When vaporised and inhaled, the PG also provides a bit of a "throat hit", similar to smoking a cigarette. For this reason, high PG e-liquids, like the V4pour range, are ideal for those beginning the transition from smoking.

V4pour is designed to be a premium flavour range at a low price. With an enormous range of flavours within the range covering Fruits, Drinks, Sweets, Tobaccos, Mints and Desserts, V4 is perfect for those looking to quit smoking.

The V4pour range is manufactured with a stringent quality assurance regime, being tested to their own very high standards as well as going through an external compliance lab which is held to EU regulatory standards. V4pour doesn’t fall short in terms of flavour either. They’ve taken care to source the highest quality flavour concentrates and base ingredients that are available in the industry. This care and attention to detail bring customers the most accurate flavour profiles and most effective nicotine delivery possible during vaping and that's so important to give you the best chance of staying away from those cigarettes!

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