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Flawless Vape Labs

Flawless Vape Labs

Flawless Vape Labs, established in Leicester, UK, have a strong partnership with Flawless Vape USA which has a presence in several American states, such as California, Florida and Texas; as well as in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Their products really are flawless in both quality and flavour. The salt nic range, for example, has helped many people stop smoking cigarettes with its offering of great tasting, higher nicotine e-liquids. If you are thinking about making the transition from smoking to vaping you should definitely check them out.

They also produce a huge range of e-liquids like Purple Haze, for example, which is full of flavours such as wild mixed berries, grape, blueberry, eucalyptus and refreshing menthol. With its 80VG / 20PG ratio, you'll be blowing immense clouds whilst enjoying the fullest flavour your coils can provide. 

If that all sounds a bit too complicated how about a simpler approach. Flawless Vape Labs also produce Skwezed, a fantastic range of uncomplicated and elegant fruit based e-liquids with flavours such as Lychee, a liquid inspired by the ripe, sweet fruit originating from China; Grapefruit, a juice based on the subtropical citrus fruit that's sweet and tangy but with the bitterness removed to make this a refreshing orange and pomelo flavour e-liquid; and Peach which brings you the flavours of mature, freshly picked Chinese peaches from the Kunlun Mountains which, just like the Lychee flavour, have nothing else added. No gimmicks, just pure, simple fruit flavours. The range is blended with a 70VG / 30PG ratio, meaning that you'll get that perfect combination of great vapour production and mouth-wateringly sumptuous fruit flavours.

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