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BumbleBee Boutique E-Liquid

BumbleBee Boutique E-Liquid

BumbleBee E-Liquid was founded in Blackburn, in the UK, around 2013 by two friends. Those friends found themselves being tempted by all the delicious sounding e-liquid names they saw on sale, only to be disappointed by the watery and lacklustre flavour they got when it came to vaping them. The founding principle of their brand was to create flavours that actually tasted as good as their descriptions sounded and, in our opinion, they have certainly delivered on that ambition.

Their range of flavours include some familiar favourites, such as Strawberries and Cream or Lemon Refresher, which they do exceptionally well, but it also includes some more unique offerings which are particular to BumbleBee E-Liquid. Fantastic flavours like Pretzel Cake, for example, are unlikely to be found anywhere else and it's this kind of unique creative flair that you only get from an innovative boutique producer like BumbleBee.

Despite being a boutique operation, BumbleBee E-Liquid is produced to the highest hygiene standards in their custom built, HEPA filtered, clean-room. They use only the best UK sourced ingredients meaning they're a true blue British brand.

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